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Innovative ideas into reality 

Nano carrier for target drug delivery system

There is an increased interest in developing biodegradable nanoparticles, since they offer a suitable means of diverse delivering of small molecular weight drugs, peptides, proteins, and genes by either localised or targeted delivery to the desired cells/tissue. Existing materials for the production of drug-containing biodegradable nanoparticles do not deliver an optimal performance (e.g. too rapid release, too little drug per particle), and nanomanufacturing methods suffer of poor reproducibility.


Nanovent will offer technical solutions for developing a novel and environmentally friendly scalable robust process to prepare biodegradable polymers with various architecture (block, star), in which water like small molecules or hydrophilic polymers will be incorporated at the back bone of the block or core of the star shape architecture of the polymer. The core element will play a significant role in order to obtain smart characteristics of the materials. We develop an improved and industrializable processes, which provides an advanced polymer in a fashion compatible to its perspective clinical uses.


We process these type of  polymers in the form of nano-particles by microfluidic device and characterise the performance of the materials. The scalability and reproducibility, which is key for a potential regulatory approval of the formulations. We provide a preliminary evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of the nanomaterials in-vitro. The aim is to demonstrate the prolonged circulation of the formulations, and with their advantageous use.


A prototype advanced nanomaterial, that avoids the regulatory pitfalls (scalability, purity, reproducibility, stability etc.) that typically hampers the pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of active ingredients-loaded nano-carriers.





Currently we are seeking for research grants or capital investments with our academic collaborators to explore this technology.

Smart wound care solution

Hydrogels are solid polymer gel formulations. They are transparent, permeable to water vapour, oxygen and impermeable to bacteria. We introduce novel monomers during the hydrogel formulation process, to improve the oxygen permeability. Existing hydrogel requires frequent replacement. Our innovative approach to introduce Thermoresponsive hydrogel to eliminate this issue of replacement.

Highly oxygen permeable contact lens solution

Silicon is flexible and allows oxygen delivery into the eye 25 times more than a standard contact lens. However, silicon based contact lenses are not easy to liquify a lipid (fat) that deposits on the surface, and the lens then become cloudy.

Our technology is to introduce novel monomers or polymers, either into the polymer back bone or within the formulation during the curing process to obtain highly oxygen permeable contact lenses to overcome the problem.

SchemDrug loaded nanoparticles.png
Thermoresponsive polymers.png

Medical coating solutions

The human body has defence mechanisms that treats foreign objects as a threat. The coatings with right materials can counter the body's natural defence mechanism and extend the useful life of the medical device in the body. We introduce new cross-linkable biocompatible polymers, to improve the stability of the coatings. Polymer design and necessary technical support can be provided.

Functional polymers and surface functionalisation

Our dedicated team has the significant hand on experience to make functional polymers with biodegradability and biocompatibility, coupling with active ingredients (drug/antibody/DNA) to increase the half-life of the active ingredients in the human body.

Our Vision

We are looking for investors that will help us to promote our company, and give us a platform to share our innovative ideas into reality.