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Dr. Prodip Sarker,  Director & CEO Nanovent


He has previously worked as a lead scientist for various companies including Vertellus, Dr. Reddy’s Lab (Project Leader – focussed on polymer process development, scale up and technology transfer), Chamelic (polymer process development and nano-formulation) and FaraPack Polymers UK.


While working in industry, Dr Sarker played an instrumental role in numerous R&D projects, allowing him to develop a strong understanding of how to carry out feasibility studies, performance evaluations and project management. He has strong technical expertise and can easily synthesise, characterise, and analyse physical biological properties of novel polymers with various architecture. These polymers are optimised for use in medical applications e.g., drug delivery, wound care, hydrogel, medical coating etc. He has helped to deliver multiple large scale projects with a worth of >£1M. He is adept in designing and developing novel polymeric materials with various architecture for health care applications.











Dr. Jeff Eaves, Company Advisor Nanovent


Has experience working across various industries including R&D, business management, business consulting and finance. His experience spans both large and small organisations. Prior roles include University of York (Business Development Manager), IP Group plc (Partnership Director), Deloitte (Director), KPMG (Associate Director) and ICI (Product Manager).

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Prof Beining Chen, University of Sheffield 

Academic Collaborator

A Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, with 30 years’ experience in drug discovery. She leads a multidisciplinary team working on drug discovery in neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease and vCJD), anticancer and antimicrobial areas. She has considerable experience in solution and solid phase polypeptide biopolymer synthesis.


Dr Klaus Pors, University of Bradford

Academic Collaborator

An experienced senior lecturer, having led teams with a focus on cancer drug discovery over the past 15 years. He has collaborated with industry (Access Pharmaceuticals & Incanthera) to deliver projects that seek to develop tumour-selective therapies. He is also a co-inventor of fluorescent dyes that have been acquired by Biostatus Ltd. Dr Pors has helped the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics secure ~£8 million in funding from various sources including industry, research councils and charities.

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Prof Paul M. Loadman, University of Bradford

Academic Collaborator

He has as >20years experience studying the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of anti-cancer drugs. The team in Bradford have studied a wide range of clinically available and novel small molecules including antimetabolites, platinating and alkylating agents, peptides and anti-vascular compounds. Prof Loadman is actively involved in the design, analysis and reporting of pre-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies and acts as a pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism consultant for numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.