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Why Nanovent?

- Nanovent will bring innovative ideas and provide technical solutions for customers to develop ideas into reality.

- Whether it is a simple polymer design the company requires or a complex medical device we are positive our company will be able to aid the organisation from designing the process, carrying out the formulation, suggest techniques to scale up the product and conducting feasibility studies towards technology transfers at a plant.

- The vast range of experience and flexibility we hold will achieve these requirements.

What prompts customers to buy our services?

- Cost effective, do not have to appoint separate employees to conduct tasks, our team can do a lower cost.

- Time, no time will be wasted in learning/ acclimatizing to the environment as my team will have extensive experience to get on board with tasks quickly, efficiently and with skills.

- Our team- world class professionals

- My experience/ technological skills- 15 years

- Bring innovative/ novel ideas into reality